Hello, Hong Kong!!!

WPAI Hong Kong is set to welcome you to a new world of photographic experience and exposure!!

WPAI Hong Kong is a sister concern of WPAI India that is dedicated to creating a community among photographers across the world for sharing ideas. WPAI India began its journey in 2001 in the memory of great ornithologist Salim Ali. The society affiliates photography clubs and assists them in arranging photography events like international salons and circuits. WPAI India has continued promoting the arts of photography for artistic and academic purposes. WPAI Newsletter, a quarterly photography magazine, is a part of WPAI’s academic endeavours for exploring, promoting, and updating the contemporary trends of photography.

WPAI Hong Kong has begun its journey in July 2022 to connect Hong Kong’s excellence in photography to the rest of the world. Hong Kong is famous for its advanced technology, biodiversity, and cultural heritage to the whole world. Apart from that Hong Kong is blessed to have so many talented photographers who have continued to enrich the global visual culture and aesthetics. WPAI Hong Kong wishes to celebrate the legacy of photography in Hong Kong for the sake of global cultural interaction. WPAI Hong Kong is a step ahead to promote photography and the global exposures it deserves.

We at WPAI Hong Kong seek your contribution and support to make WPAI Hong Kong a photographic society of excellence. We thank you for being a part of our journey.

Thanking you